Facing quality

We stand out as a plantation with GMP certification for the production of medicinal active agents which underlines the major role optimal quality and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes play for us: high identification, excellent expert knowledge that is continually expanded upon via further training courses, flexibility and being close to the customer – all these factors are not left to chance but are a product of having a motivated and competent workforce.

Moritz Graf vom Hagen-Plettenberg

General Manager
M + 49 172 705 60 36 mhp@sandfort5.de

Dr. Sabine Gräfin vom Hagen-Plettenberg

General Manager
M + 49 173 163 93 57 shp@sandfort5.de

Anita Huber

Head of Customer Service
T + 49 25 95 96 15 81 hub@sandfort5.de

Lars Hittscher

Production Manager
M + 49 171 833 08 90 lhi@sandfort5.de